Ensuring that your facility is ADA compliant

Posted by Jacquelyn Jewett ,Jan 6th 2023
Ensuring that your facility is ADA compliant

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in various areas, including employment, public accommodations, and transportation. If you own or operate a facility that is open to the public, it is important to ensure that your facility is compliant with the ADA to ensure that it is accessible and welcoming to individuals with disabilities.

Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your facility is ADA compliant:

  1. Review the ADA standards: The ADA has specific guidelines for accessibility in new construction and alterations. These guidelines, known as the ADA Standards for Accessible Design, provide detailed requirements for features such as parking, entrances, doors, ramps, and restrooms. It is important to review these guidelines and ensure that your facility meets all applicable requirements.
  2. Conduct an accessibility assessment: An accessibility assessment is a systematic review of your facility to identify barriers to accessibility and determine what changes or improvements are needed to make your facility compliant with the ADA. You can conduct an accessibility assessment yourself or hire an experienced professional to do it for you.
  3. Make necessary changes or improvements: Based on the results of your accessibility assessment, you may need to make changes or improvements to your facility to make it compliant with the ADA. This may include installing ramps or handrails, widening doorways or corridors, or adding braille signage. It is important to prioritize changes that address the most significant barriers to accessibility first.
  4. Train your staff: It is important to train your staff on the ADA and their responsibilities related to accessibility. This includes providing customer service to individuals with disabilities, assisting with access to your facility, and responding to requests for reasonable accommodations.
  5. Display an ADA compliance statement: Displaying an ADA compliance statement in a visible location, such as near the entrance of your facility, can demonstrate your commitment to accessibility and provide information to individuals with disabilities about how to request accommodations.
By following these steps, you can ensure that your facility is compliant with the ADA and welcoming to individuals with disabilities. If you have any questions about ADA compliance, it is always a good idea to consult with an experienced attorney or accessibility professional.